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Protecting the Confidentiality of Customer Information:  We take our responsibility to protect the privacy and confidentiality of customer information very seriously. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to store and secure information about you from unauthorized access, alteration, and destruction. Our control policies, for example, authorize access to customer information only by individuals who need access to do their work.  From time to lime, we enter into agreements with other companies to provide services to us or make products and services available to you. Under these agreements, the companies may receive information about you but they must safeguard this Information, and they may not use it for any other purposes.

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Please Help Us Understand Your Financial Situation

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What is the balance of your current mortgage?

How much equity do you have in your home?

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This figure should be a combination of cash on hand, retirement funds or available credit.
What are the sources of your capital reserves?

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Credit score isn't a factor for our decision, but we do need some basic information from you.

Do you have any open judgments on your credit report?

Have you ever declared bankruptcy? *

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What is your Credit Score (approximately)?

Now that we know more about your financial background, we'd like to learn more about your plans and experience as a real estate investor.

Real Estate Investing Experience & Background

Do you have any real estate investing experience? *

Years of Experience

How many properties have you completed?

Do you have any projects currently in progress?

How many investment properties do you currently own?

How many properties do you currently have rented?

Do you have any rehab or construction experience?

Please provide us with any details about your experience in real estate or construction that you would like us to consider when reviewing your application.

Please Tell us About Your Team

Are you currently working with a Build Realty Agent?

What is the name of your Build Agent?

Are you working with a Partner?

What is your Partner's name?

What is your Partner's phone number?

Are you a member of any investment group?

What is the name of the investment group?

This last section is your opportunity to tell us about the property you are interested in purchasing.  If you don't currently have a property lined up, you will be asked to enter your buying criteria. 

If you don't have a property under contract, we might have a property in our inventory that you would fit your strategy.

What is your investment strategy for your next project?

Have you already selected a property to purchase?

Do you have an accepted offer on the property?

By accepted, we mean that you have actually received a seller signed acceptance in writing on the property.
Is the property in Build Realty's inventory?

Subject Property Details

What is the House Number?

What is the Street Name?

Street Suffix?

In what City is the property located?

In what State is the property located?

Zip Code?

What type of property is it?

Please provide any information you can about the property condition and repairs needed.

How much are you buying the property for?

What is the After Repair Value of the Property?

How much will it cost to repair the property?

How much would you like to borrower?

Please tell us about what type of numbers you are looking for in your next project.

What is the total amount you want to spend on your next project?

Including purchase price and renovation costs, we would like to know that total amount you'd like to be into your next property for.
How much would you like to make on your next project?

Please try and be more specific than "as much as I can!"
If you had access to a property that you could make {{answer_12526147}}and be into it for {{answer_12526130}} how quickly could you pull the trigger?

You're almost finished.  Please review the terms and conditions below and select "I accept" if you agree. *

I hereby authorize Greenleaf Funding, its successors and or assigns, to verify and share with any sources necessary to process my loan request my past and present employment, earnings records, bank accounts, stock holdings and any other asset balances needed to process my loan application.

I further authorize Greenleaf Funding, its successors and or assigns, to order and share with any sources necessary to process my loan request a credit report and verify all other information, including past and present mortgage and landlord references.

I hereby authorize any and all individuals, companies and any other entities to release and share any and all information requested by Greenleaf Funding.

By accepting the terms above I, {{answer_12482770}} {{answer_12482771}}, further acknowledge that this financing is to be used for commercial purposes only.
Thank you for your application.  A Loan Coordinator will be in touch with your shortly.  Questions or need an answer sooner?  Call us at (513) 247-0501.
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